Still pruning…

I did a lot of this last year when I wasn’t pulling dandelions and couch grass and other nasties. This area behind an area eldest was going to tend has gone a bit ramshackle. And worse there are brambles and wild roses growing rather furiously through the shrubs which are spiky. Lots of spiky from the previous owners…

I would also say the beds I created for my daughters are suffering from neglect but who can blame them when couch grass grows rampant and spiky wild roses are transferring. I haven’t been trying to get rid yet as one bush will fill the green bin unless I can snip each branch really tiny.

Our new compost bin is a way off at the moment as suppliers of wood have been hit by the same panic buying as supermarkets and who knows how long they will be continuing their supply during the shutdown that no one knows how to comply with. Not the best speech maker in a crisis our normally jovial PM is lost without his ability to waffle. Ho hum!

Needs a scalp!
Roses or brambles? Spiky demons…
Bin is full…
Must print this out for Squeaks!

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