Getting angry doesn’t help!

I lost a whole blog I wrote today. From isolation it’s hard to get your voice heard but I was angry and that might be why my words disappeared. From my garden I can’t see the partying over friendly Brits. But I hear the PM hasn’t managed to decisively tell them off either…

Bozo may well get Brexit done but he’s not managing this crisis very well… can we elect a grownup next time?

I won’t be visiting any gardens any time soon…

I can see new tulips flowering and am proud of my girls doing the remote work without bickering or over monitoring them. There’s been an overload of Dr Who this evening and yes I probably need to direct myself a bit better. I have some paint to finish after all.

Orange tulips…
We will try to enjoy our garden, maybe a box from Morrison’s and we can set up the barbecue for Squeaks birthday…

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