Seriously gardening this afternoon…

It’s been two hours busy in the garden but just as I got the lawnmower out for the first prune of the lawn since last year and the rain came on…

Guess that job doesn’t need doing except for the two smallest who scoured the grass for offerings from our patient collie so that I could get the lawnmower out. Grr it’s in such a bad state I was actually looking forward to gliding over the grass. But rain scuppers all…

Grass needing culled.

I had to try to get the grass dug up where the raised beds are as a delivery of topsoil comes at the end of the week and it’d be lazy and remiss of me not to get rid of as much dodgy stuff as possible. Several flower beds have reverted to grassy mounds in the last couple of years when I wasn’t able to do so much. So I keep trying to follow best practice with anything new. Despite having football-pitch sized areas of grass, it’s not that great to be honest.

Our purchase of topsoil took us to a place which has cobbles and gravel, as well as patio sets. I could spend a lot more than we did yesterday and create some lovely non-grass areas. I have some squared paper and tracing to get some plans drawn up. Baby steps!

Plastic in an attempt to kill off grass…
Nothing like savaging the buddleia to uncover lovely tulips.
Brown bin is super full…

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