Hiding from corona?

Just when we were starting to look forward to the Spring, it’s a gone a bit Pete Tong. There’s an epidemic or not an epidemic depending on which country you’re in. UK Government advice seems a bit muddled and not actually following the WHO advice but then we have a prime minister known to lie, lie, and lie his pants off…

I have to take my daughter for her operation and preop to the local hospital and I’d rather be anywhere else. Are we going to be looked after? Undoubtedly. Are we going to be protected? That’s the big unknown. We could be in and out quickly or we could be there overnight. I can tell you which one I’d prefer, but she might need experts looking after her, not anxious mum and dad.

Some bad news: the gardening trip to Harlow Carr and Harrogate Flower Show has been cancelled… I am sad as I was looking forward to it. However on our anniversary we went and ordered some topsoil… it is being delivered on Friday. Woohoo! Serious exercise filling those raised beds! Well you know what I’ll be digging up tomorrow as the beds are resting on grass at the moment. Busyness!

It’s really looking springlike outside and I feel quite positive about not weeding much in March and enjoying the new growth. I am not bothered if the yellow flowers grow or not but there are some very promising tulips popping up. I’ll post some pics of those.

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