Enthusiasm in bundles!

I have been out in the garden lots, even while working in some of the nicest gardens in North of Hertfordshire and tiring myself out, my enthusiasm doesn’t seem to be dimming! When I realise how much weeding those gardens need – and how I need to plant more, so the weeds are battling with plants instead of leaving spaces for potential weed growth.

This Ivy was given a haircut and the brown bin was utilised!

Some crocosmia has been relocated and I picked up a white and red cyclamen.

I am waiting for a delivery of plants and I think I am going to spend more before they arrive! I have an expanding wish list. Some of the ones I saw at Henlow are on my list now…

I have bought some more and visited two garden centres in my search for obviously out of season plants. We have a good selection of local plant shops but maybe I can find the ones I am looking for at more far flung outlets over the weekend?

More purple bulbs!

Leaf collector needed!

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