Cleansing of a holistic kind…

A spa weekend to rejuvenate with a long-standing friend who was once my flatmate in two of the many London addresses I have had (and ruined many address books…)

And yes we have been here before! It’s a lovely sanctuary from our day to day stresses and when I was here last year my surgery hampered too much exercise so we turned that on it’s head this year.

We even went for a 5km walk round the manor and local farms. Good catchup and reflection time. It makes me want to see more of my chum…

The last time I did pedicures and massages but this time it was a few exercise classes and my favourite Thassalotherapy. The thasalotherapy session this am left me thoroughly blissed out…

The plants we saw in the grounds are definitely on my wish list.

I have to strengthen my core and start some regular exercise classes so I obtained details of a very local yoga class so I am being a bit more proactive on that front. Brownie points for me!

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