An area to develop!

The broken car has been fixed (yay!) and removed from the back garden and it’s the night the brown bin goes out. Timing couldn’t be better for garden clearing! And I can see some bits needing clearing of valerian.

I could start to look at buying some special plants for this area and the area where the car has been needs remodelling with gravel and slabs as it’s always going to be used if cars need fixed…

Apples have been falling like crazy on that central bed and despite me thinking I was getting creative with bulbs, the squirrels saw me and have been stealing from those areas. I think a certain amount of replacements will be needed.

Plants creep over from the outside of our garden from an area looked after by the local council.

Gravel? Slabs? Slate? And aromatic herbs are another option…

Daddy-long-legs are in abundance this week.

Before I completely filled my bin (and unlike my new gardening colleagues I don’t jump in to make more fit!) I cut some more off my buddlea and I went round and collected all the apple downfalls. I know I should be making chutney or stewing these luscious apples but we have not been on top of it this year!

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