Pottering but with results…

I have finally covered over the bay between our window! I’ve moved a few pots (including my coveted agapanthus, which is in bud 💪) to give it a feeling of purpose. I am starting to feel like I understand our situation (ie sun/shade/soil/usurpers) a bit better and I’m starting to grow things I like (and pull up the things I don’t).

The brown bin is waiting proudly by the front door for the first collection in August – I bit back all my complaints as it wasn’t helping me – and I am wondering when the extra bin will arrive, so I can actually start chopping with abandon.

It’ll still be a while before I can buy all the plants I covet. Birthday money bought my philadelphus (thanks Dad) and a job which further advances my plans is only still a possibility at the moment – I will jiggle a couple of zero hours for the moment – and keep pulling up weeds!

Acquilegia grows anywhere!

I liken Wilkos to my childhood fave Woolies but only they can give me the astonishing lilies we’ve grown this year in my daughter’s patch (and it is on colour theme!) in a glorious purple red and blue!

I also want some more slabs as we definitely need a few more paths (there are a few bits of welltrodden grass where they are needed!) and I still have to figure out a drawing scheme for my iPad! I know, I know…

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