A wander round Anglesey Abbey

We took a day trip to the beach at Dunwich Heath and on the way back filled with the energy of the sea we took a wander round the gardens at Anglesey Abbey. The garden was created many years ago by Lord Fairhaven and it really does give me joy to walk around the different parts of the garden: beautiful hellebores and ghostly silver birches, and great huge trees, some growing up the buildings. The light in late afternoon was bright and powerful with flashes through the trees.

Giant redwood

Walking round Dunwich Heath
Sanderlings at the Dunwich cliffs

I even held back from buying plants in the garden shop – my daughter took an intense interest in a looking glass plant which had really distinctive shiny red-bronze foliage. It was lovely but we have also been spending time building the greenhouse this Easter weekend and it is now ready for glazing!

Frame of the greenhouse
Everyone got involved…

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