Surprise local garden visit

Our friends the robins.

After a morning cutting grass and being visited by a pair of robins who christened the lawnmower, we visited a local garden, Gotha garden, and enjoyed a cream tea with scones, lemon drizzle and Polish cheesecake. It’s close enough and delicious enough to say we will go back.

Clipped yew

Purplish hellebores

Clipped hedges

A group of Cambridge cyclists left telling us to try the soup, so it’s presence at Pembrooke Farm is definitely a hidden destination on the country road to Ashwell.

It was delightful to visit on this chilly Sunday and you could see the structure of the different areas and stunning Italianate pyramid yews and Lollipops and golf balls of hellebores with little box parterres filled with foliage peppered with blousy purple tulips. (My favourite!)

I am intrigued to know what the summer colours will be.

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