My annual fight with Dandelions!

This is the bane of my gardening existence – removal of the yellow peril – and it seems I am not alone in my frustrations but the recent press has asked us to leave them at the moment because of their benefits to garden life…

Dilemma! We have lots of blossom at the moment so surely enough that we can kill a few dandelions? Apparently not, if there are few things flowering, but you’ve seen my pictures of the flowers we have in blossom at the moment.

I am not using nasty chemicals either. My muscles are popping with heavy lifting and culling tubers, as well as snipping the pruned hawthorns, roses and various overgrown bushes we neglected last year.

So many things I have planted don’t grow so again I am addressing what to rethink in my plans. I am tapping this out on my phone so I think a new computer may help me to properly plan this and log my activities alongside my tv heroes’ suggestions and garden visits.

ps I found as many on the grass beside our house as inside the garden… and my presence scared little beasties from their pollen fest!

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