What a week!

April brought a few showers, that’s for sure. My daughter’s been poorly which has ended up with me staying overnight in a hospital! And not as a patient! I sleep so badly anyway we shall gloss over how uncomfortable I am having to be the grownup when the sight of my little baby with canula and blood drips sends me a vomit impulse…

We’ve lain a layer of sand and cement to start the greenhouse base with blocks from the lovely Sarah who gave me some blocks from a pile in her front garden that have been awaiting a project for a year! This is a worthy project I can assure you!

My lovely husband has spent several hours mixing sand and cement for a base material for the greenhouse and has laid several rows. Its not going to be easy to do – anyone who says DIY is easy can take a walk off a very short plank if you ask me? – and the lovely lady in Lower Stondon who helped us to dismantle it also has my utter admiration as it took Dan a couple of days at our 10th anniversary health spa last weekend to recover from that dismantling.

So planting has yet to commence chez us, as the correct placement isn’t built yet, but we are getting so close. Our finances haven’t improved as the job wasn’t what I hoped it would be and I’ve realised this week how much my family needs me too. I will have a rethink and see if an idea occurs in the post-Brexit emptiness for something I can throw myself into. Ideas, anyone?

Nearly tulip time (my favourite flowers)!
Now the slabs are mortared…
The garden in April has lots of yellows…

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