Warm in Feb!

I have managed to do some more planting! We cut out a circular bed in the front garden and I’ve planted a selection of bulbs and perennials with an interesting range of colours. It just needs a small tree in the centre…

We stuck a stick in the ground and used the green string to enable us to run sand round to form a circle and then we used little forks to scratch up the moss and grass. There’s nothing like this kind of working to enable you to evaluate the properties of the lawn – and find the grass sorely wanting! Not the best turf I’ve ever seen.

The stick marks the site of the tree/bush and we didn’t plant within 15cm of the stick to allow for digging!

Forget-me-nots, liliums, anenomes, and others – and it won’t be obvious until they grow! My girls want a cherry tree, and my husband wants a buddlea to attract the butterflies. I’m thinking a standard ceanothus… It’s north facing but gets sun in the morning and evening. I just want a pretty tree!

The truth of the matter: we priced a cherry tree on Sunday and to have a reasonable sized one was more than I could stomach! But there was some wooden sculptures on display which carried thousand pound figures so maybe it was the venue! I picked up a ceonothus and another bargain shrub in town, and I have agreements in principle for adding those from the girls!

Tiny daffodils! Oh yes they are! Our garden is starting to turn yellow…

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