A Wrest-ing adventure!

We had a trip to Wrest Park as we’ve signed up to the Art Pass and it gives us free entry! And it was gorgeous and restful!

I’m not a huge fan of really classical garden design or classical statues but my oldest was in her element discussing all the statues and the mythology behind each one. The sun was stunning and the trees and gardens were truly spectacular. Lots of the buildings are also timetabled for renovation so it will be interesting to watch this happening this year. If anything our visiting before the flowers are out, also gives you the chance to see the full structure of everything without frills.

Amazing trees!

We walked all round the house (it was unfortunately closed for a wedding fair but we can go back if it’s free?) and saw the big tree in the orangery – much debate was had over the whole orangery name and whether a musa basjoo was a pineapple, orange, or a banana plant? But it turns out to be an inedible Japanese banana…

But there was lots to see and anticipate, as it looks like there are a few rhododendron walks as well as different formal gardens to walk around or be driven around. It was a good day today so we didn’t make any use of the bus going around. The girls almost had fun doing roly-poly rolls down steep grass banks before they remembered it was February and the ground was very damp!

We were hungry after our walk and finished off our visit with ice creams! In February! The lunch queues were too long and we’d have been stuck inside so ice cream lunch was had. But this also gave my youngest access to the zipline which was her favourite thing!

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