I was anticipating the New Year so much during December I almost forgot to plan Christmas! Ha the chance of that with two children is pretty unlikely. I also failed to share my October halfterm Gardens as life hit unexpected hiccups.

I could list my woes but that’s not the point of this blog: I am sitting in a sparkling sunspot working out how to describe the start to 2019, the long awaited end to 2018, which was pretty much rubbish. I should finish those garden posts from last year and describe how everyone keeps telling me to get out in the sun. Well, if I hadn’t fallen headfirst yesterday, cracking my knees and shins, I probably would. Dosed on ibuprofen and trying to not dwell on the negatives my challenge with the blog is to show the positives, over the negatives, and come up with some plans.

I am recovered from my surgery (yes, I am) despite occasional twinges that remind me, and I still can’t carry my shopping home, so there is little chance of me digging the garden with the same gusto as I once had. This year I reckon will be more about shortcuts and zippy ways of getting stuff done. If ever I wish for help from a charity or group of friends, it’s this year! Grateful I am for lots of things but I do so want to get a little or a semi-bigjob to help me pay off some debts…

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