November busyness!,

As an MSer of 11 &3/4 years, I feel like I have mastered lots of MS things but it’s not been a picnic. I try to get other th

ings to keep me busy but it’s hard. I sometimes slip into a depression, I sometimes get angry and in the winter, physically gardening is even harder. I struggle too with my limitations of working but just as I complained about not working enough, a call came through offering more Invigilating. Which I do enjoy and I do find myself watching protectively over the young adults wishing them to do well. It was quiet while I recuperated but in moaning digitally about my lack of funds, I was called and offered more shifts!

I am turned down more frequently when I apply for jobs – too old, too long not working regularly – and I get turned down a lot, usually without an acknowledgement, when I do apply for other work, so it’s important to

me to keep this income stream going. I can plan my garden when I am watching over the classes, and it’s not too difficult to stick to the rules. Even if more exams are online than on paper, not talking and facing the front are still the universal logic. However, cheating is still a problem and we have to check watches now and mobile phones are sealed in envelopes during the exams. And the computers must be a certain distance apart or the age-old trick of

stretching during an exam can allow screens to become overlooked. Youngsters forget the oldies sat their own exams long ago.

Exam season in full flow means the time I was going to spend upgrading my new virtual location has kind of disappeared as life speeds up in the months before Christmas and the job search means I find less that appeals. I never lie about my MS in applications but I don’t know whether an internet search finds me linked to this page
as well, and assumptions are made. Maybe I need to make it more Swanky! I liked my old set up but I haven’t designed a new backdrop, Gardening With LiMItS is looking a little less visual. I have a weekend in Norfolk coming up and maybe it will give me some inspiration. I love the autumn colours and the light coming through woodlands. We may even get to some beaches to rejuvenate a little. Yay!

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