Snow day 2!

Temperatures have been SO low! Brr!

Roads are passable but icy!

I’ve been surfing for one of my day’s off! I like my newfound wage! I spent an arm and a leg in a local supermarket starting to make inroads into a Christmas at home. The first one for a few years (lockdown doesn’t count!) where we have had time and money to spend!

I didn’t intend to be a stay-at-home mum – funny how life doesn’t always allow that! – but I don’t know now what I’d have done differently. I’ve had a little counselling over the last few weeks and it’s also given me a little perspective on how I can start to address the things that really matter. I’ve started to do more of the things I enjoy and can see that there is more I want to do. Photography is something I enjoy and I’d like to see if I can do more with my photos.

The new insulation is obviously helping to keep our heat in!


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