Another Leader?

What a farce! I’m going to leave that there. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I have to go get my flu jab. Experiencing a vehement anti-vaxxer out of the blue on Wednesday, I am feeling a bit disappointed with the mindset of someone spouting 1 in 500 statistics to me about supposedly the people getting sick from vaccines. Well the hospital doesn’t get filled with vaccine reactions – the last spike was Covid patients…

I really have to find another job! I’m off for Halfterm and a few days so it will be spent doing positive life-affirming things.

The mess is growing but things have come back to life. There are foxgloves and salvia galore!

Even a rose!

Weather is predicted to be bad tomorrow but having been for my flu jab, I think I want to take it easy and maybe enjoy the weather for today. It was constantly raining yesterday…

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