Four Years!

I received notice that my happy place is four years old! I’ve managed to keep my thoughts en point with a few diversions for four years! My garden has been spoiled in a financial way by the injections of cash from working this year but has it suffered due to my distractions away from home? We have been able to see more gardens having increased our spending power but I am also proud that my debts have decreased substantially.


However, my readership has gone up and down this year and perhaps people are also enjoying their own freedoms a bit more too. I will strive to try and keep my blog going as it is my happy place when I can combine my thoughts with photography and learn a bit in the process.

I am not really doing well at propagating but I do have ways of gardening cheaply and perhaps mum is right that I could do with a bit of help. I might have a think about once a fortnight and see if I can get someone who just needs a bit of extra income. My dad has taken on someone in Dundee and the more I think about it, that sounds ideal for me too.

Our walk through the Heartswood forest near St Albans.

I will visit as many places/gardens as I can because I’m curious like that!

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