And it’s getting hotter…

We could be eating our own strawberries very soon.

That would be lovely! But the heat today made me sick… And I would say it’s too hot today for me. I am going to have to manage myself a bit better. There are lots of flies today so I could have eaten something a fly landed on. So I will just have to keep drinking water and see how I feel at bedtime.

My husband and I will be going to see some local gardens after we see Romesh Ranganathan next weekend. I’ve had a look at the route and we may attempt to do them all this year. I’ve never managed it before as there are usually 26+ gardens. But it will be helpful to see what grows elsewhere locally. Ask some judicious questions!

A single oxeye daisy!
Some birthday peonies!

Too hot to think! Hitting 30 degrees C!

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