Soon be Maytime Musings?

A lot of sunny days and optimism for the bits of my garden I’ve now spent a fortune on. Having spent so much time Not Going Out and watching what can grow, has been good for the present but looking forward I want to make plans, with or without friends or with my husband, I don’t mind. We’ve taken a few jaunts in the last few weeks and seen some things we needed to. But there are people I’d like to see!

Even working, I get to visit local shops alongside my visits and I’ve bought some of my favourites to excess. I want to create a haven with lots to enjoy and I am hoping in the next few years some of the really diddy plants will grow to be significant plants and trees and bushes.

Tulip time is definitely one of my fave times of year and I look forward to seeing other things growing in my newly planted beds. I just hope I haven’t made them one-season wonders but that takes a lot of experience. There were, and still are, a lot of things I like but didn’t intend to keep. The roses have been neglected but now they have regular pruning, the blooms are too spectacular to discard. Not grounds for divorce but it’s led to arguments…

Have a look at some of the local blossoms in the first Garden City!

Out and about…

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