After a dreadful sleep…

I got woken at 2.30 am and didn’t sleep well after so I am worried about managing my way through today. One things for sure, we need to make some food changes. We are not doing well and the adults need to get fitter and eat healthier. I’ve been sliding into bad habits for sure and we need to plant up our veggies which got sidetracked by Covid. I want to make sure I utilise the packs of seed and the compost.

Not wanted but I’ll leave for the bees.

Veg Beds in the front need attention and one of my fellow Veg Up Front triallers delivered little strawberry plants to me. I must get those planted.

Rosemary in blossom feeding the bees.

We cancelled the Mothers Day Cakes event as we had no notes of interest. We’re heading to see Grandma instead. We’re taking cakes to her which can go to her home too.

Not sure what this is but it’s in a wild area beside the greenhouse which needs debrambling…
Wild area…

There’s lots needing done! I bought some lovely flowers in Aldi yesterday and could have bought more! Shame I forgot the paracetamol in all my travels as I think it’s a hangover from Covid – I have been getting BAD headaches – but I have the hangover without alcohol…

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