Resolute as ever!

I saw this and felt it was shareable!


  1. Eat too much
  2. Drink too much
  3. Don’t go to the gym
  4. Buy shoes
  5. Don’t try to sleep all nite
  6. Misplace things
  7. Wear pjs often
  8. Don’t lose weight

The start of a New Year during a pandemic…

It was meant to be special last year but let’s be honest, this has been a humdinger! I am sitting here watching The Simpsons… so not necessarily feeling in the groove but hey we tidied the house and it’s looking a lot better. Yesterday was garden tidying and building the log pile so we survive a cold spell. A lovely gammon is being roasted so a few festive drinks are slipping down. Baileys anyone?

And a delivery arrived at just after five? I will be planting tomorrow! Here’s to a verdant and horticulturally profound 2022! Best wishes!

We won’t be spending Hogmanay with anyone, just our little family. Next year may be different, I honestly hope so, but I’m not making any predictions. That’s not my forte!

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