Avoiding people on the beach!

I forget how cold the Norfolk Coast can be! A friend has a caravan and the four of us filled the car with bedding, towels and nonessential food (it’s a holiday!) and drove for two hours. We found the caravan quite easily and walked about after unloading until we found a bakery and a Tesco to start filling our bellies.

We are in a different location to previous Norfolk holidays and it is a short walk to the beach. The dog is struggling a bit with walking and we should probably get her some painkillers but I need to locate a vet supplies store.

I have a feeling my step count may rocket this week and I’ve searched for gardens to visit but October isn’t much of an Open Gardens season. We also had to nip out for dog bowls having forgotten to bring them. An enormous Lidl didn’t have any so we ended up in the closest shop to our caravan which had the strangest selection of holiday/camping goods.

We are also in the time of pavement shifting where people walking towards you either avoid making eye contact while passing you at the furthest distance they can or make eye contact and then don’t make it obvious whether they intend to move forward, backward or jump over you. Speech has disappeared and I’ve noticed it at home too.

We walked down to the beach for a nosy and there were lots of dog walkers bundled up against the exceedingly cold winds. I got my beach fix and youngest said she had had enough, leaving me free to agree with her rather than be the one to suggest going back. Fabulous!

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