Flowers in October

It’s been a strange old year and it may end or it may not? Things in my garden are flowering and that’s very odd for October. I worried I had lost things and I think things have died back, but they also might be sleeping.

Verbena boniariensis

We are still moving things about and pruning things that need it, but it’s lovely enough for me to sit outside and write this.

These Californian poppies are still going strong.

I was sick last night and I’m putting it down to out-of-date cheese. But I’m still getting waves of ‘that doesn’t feel right’. I also ate Duck and I’ve been poorly with that many times. We don’t eat lots of it but I will buy it if I see it as a treat.

Maybe 2022 is a year to start again? The garden will definitely change: plans are taking shape, providing 1) I can keep working and 2) we can still afford timber and building materials in the shortages of Brexitland. But as hinted before we also need to fill up underground ratholes and move huge logs around. The woodpile will hopefully keep us warm this winter but we must deter things from taking up residence. The ongoing pitfalls of having outdoor space?

Some more wood has been purchased.
The roses are going for the skies!

All photos taken today using my camera phone.

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