I didn’t want to be proved right…

I have mulled over it for a week. After my surgery 2 years ago, I was to get cosmetic surgery, which I had in part and I was due to get more. I was to get a tattoo which was new to me, but it was something I had accepted. Now however this is not recommended due to the scarring I have and because it (the scarring) hasn’t healed properly. I feel vindicated because I had said all along that surgery I had had when I was younger (an appendectomy) hadn’t healed well but I kept being told that it would be different under this team and if I followed their instructions. It isn’t actually my fault, and the surgeon apologised that they didn’t manage to achieve what he’d said could happen, but he now didn’t recommend the tattooing as he had no idea whether it would cause more scarring. No further treatment!

So I’ve accepted that I won’t have a tattoo at all, even though I had looked into the options, and effectively added it to a bucket list of sorts. Things to do before I turn 21 again? So life goes on without that particular milestone getting added. I didn’t really want it anyway, and the money is better spent, on permission for a shed? Or a post-lockdown holiday? Or gravel for the garden? You see where I am dealing with this? Finding a job will help… but not having a tattoo will be cheaper! Although it was being done on the NHS, I did price up privately getting a tattoo, and it wasn’t cheap.

So still job hunting and trying not to be glum. It’s colder today than yesterday, so guess that is a sign? Hey I’ll go check whether the bins have been emptied and start filling up garden waste again…

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