In fact Spiky is no more!

In a rare burst of energy, I took to Spiky bush with a saw and flattened it! I pulled up some grassy weeds, trimmed some Ivy and cleared the patch I didn’t dare go hard on all year! I do gardening as my exercise or that is one of my 2020 change-arounds. I have to stay on top of the garden if we are to stay here. We bought the house knowing it was a challenge, plus the surgery which no-one anticipates, not cancer but we don’t know when it could be cancer… hey, then the pandemic everyone in Government apparently didn’t take seriously. That got in the way a lot this year and rather than a spur to get on with life, I fell into a rut. I’ve tried to find something more permanent work wise as I have so little money it’s not silly, even with gifts, it gets spent so easily (and not even on nice luxuries. I will take the work I am offered and will try and work on something for me.

An area for these bulbs!

I actually got my £10 Christmas bonus from the kind Government department that hasn’t increased it since the ‘70s. It won’t even buy a good sturdy pair of gardening gloves these days. (That selection of bulbs cost just over £15!) I also don’t think a lot of people expect to see someone gardening in December. I had a random conversation and decided to come inside when the school kids started going past. Full bin again!

Shot of dead bush!
Weeded and bulbs planted!

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