Christmas is starting early!

Normally we wait till December for decorations…

But we have a tree decorated and some sparkly bits and it’s only 21st November…

And I also have been pondering whether my gardening is helping despite it being November. My hubby has lots of holiday left as he worked through lockdown in the shed. Day off today has seen us staining wood for shelves. We have no storage in the house so have had to resort to the cheapest option staining pine boards on metal supports and brackets. I see these going up in every room soon as we can’t afford anything more substantial or costly. But we also need to get rid and Covid has put paid to pretty much any car boots or online selling to be honest. So the shelves are the only option for now. I know my oldest also has been nagging for this in her room to fill with books. That might be the pre Christmas job.

The greenhouse is full of poppy seedlings. If I can keep them cared for, maybe I will have lots in the ground by next spring. There will be blue and copper ones as well as purple. Not traditional red ones but I am trying to keep on a colour scheme. But I will try as hard as I can not to lose everything the minute the spring sun comes out!

There are four trays and I’ve confused them. Remember my Amazon mystery seeds? They haven’t grown but poppies have!

I’ve also found some more verbena boniariensis seeds I am tempted to bring on in the greenhouse. Probably doing this all wrong but I don’t care. Cardboard toilet roll inners are proving to be good little pots and I have thousands of plastic ones for later stages. I don’t throw much away, ever!

Not long before I can fill these!

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