Second Lockdown!

I have read a lot about the pros and cons of lockdowns. I just want life to be free of the worry caused by the keyboard warriors who all think their opinion is the only correct one. 2020 has been absolutely rubbish but let’s all just calm down and stop bickering?

The rain came on after I had a short peaceful drive in the car so I am not venturing into the garden today either. And I really needed to throw things into the brown bin after the last minutes of my drive when someone driving too close to me (seriously up my bottom) beeped at me for slowing down to turn. And I had indicated! That little mini was too close so probably didn’t see the indicator and there’s not a lot I can do if you drive so close, so fast that you feel the need to toot at me because you are too close to brake… I don’t need the pressure. I don’t like driving but I’d be marooned if I didn’t drive. I don’t react quick enough to toot my horn back most of the time.

Silver birch is about to shed…

I’ve bought the rings to make Christmas wreaths but it’s still a bit early. If we use Ivy or Holly from the garden they will be limp and poorly by the middle of December. I’d quite like to get some spray glitter to make them festive too but that involves shopping I’m not sure is allowed in this latest lockdown. More shops are arguing for their businesses to remain functioning so I’ll support the ones I can but many have just disappeared.

I also need to rethink my employment status. Back to the drawing board after failing to impress with recent interviews, I find myself in the same boat as before: only working odd mornings and often at the last minute. College is open but exams are very sporadic. I worked a lot last week but have only one shift next week. I got myself lost as well which isn’t good. My sat nav isn’t reliable enough. Ooh the sun is out! I’m off…

I shall search for lucky charms…

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