Hiding in plain sight?

I’ve fallen into the ‘21st century-mum-disappearing-act’ trap! Not many pics of me on here and maybe that needs to change? I do exist but I haven’t mastered the art of selfie to the point where I like featuring myself on these pages. I’d much rather have a carefully cropped flower!

Dubious seeds being kept separate…

I went out with some of my seeds from China/the Far East (?) to plant them into greenhouse trays. They were largely passionflower and poppies as far as I remember and they were bought through the online retailer we shan’t be patronising over Christmas in a bid to help local/national businesses.

It’s been pretty wet the last few weeks and we need to knuckle down and do some stuff or husband will be moving back into the house to work. We have a sickly child today and it really hampers stuff inside. But it’s beautiful outside so maybe it’s ‘digging in some more tulips’ activity today? Can I handle getting muddy? Go on then!

Some seeds I should have planted?

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