Blink and you’d have missed it…

The tree is down! Less than an hour and it’s to the ground. Already we are talking about something to screen the garden as it left a big hole.

Some tidying is needed…

The discussion of what we use to shield the garden has wavered on the possibility of introducing bamboo but worms, can, and total rethink of the garden is required! Hm! Even the cost was mentioned… zinc or tin planters can take the bamboo and hold it I believe. We have a pot with a poorly bamboo in the front garden. Maybe that can be rehomed?

These are in the front.

And Branching Out were the surgeons who brought the tree down in an hour and left with payment on their swipe machine. They had three more jobs to do, and it reminded me of the speed of the garden firm as they zipped round Herts gardens. I miss the lovely (on the whole) gardens…

Wet gladiolus…

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