Reflecting on the 2020 that should have been!

It’s nearly October and I haven’t really made use of the time that this year suddenly gave us. I’ve gotten even more befuddled by the ways/things we have to do online because there are so many systems/platforms. It’s great we are able to swap about, don’t get me wrong but it’s hard to remember where those contacts/that info and the blinking passcodes/PIN or safe words are written down/typed in my memos, as they can’t really fit into an already beleaguered mind.


Hey, even this site could disappear if I don’t work out why the credit card won’t be accepted or in other words what I’ve neglected to do when my most recent replacement card arrived. I don’t remember how long I signed up for originally but it looks like November is an anniversary of sorts, when I moved from Blogger to WordPress, and set off on a new blogging journey, which has had ups and downs, highs and lows and is steadily getting colder and wetter. And yes it’s that Brit thing, talking about the weather! I am so glad of our new radiator in the bedroom which means blogging from the bedroom doesn’t have to mean under the duvet.

The tree guys are booked for next week and having sorted the admin of the many surgeons examined and over quoted to do the job, I probably should make some plans. I’ve held off from having adverts on the site but I understand it might generate an income of sorts? I have to look at how that works and introduce it. I hope it will come with appropriate content, nothing sleazy or obnoxious content, and hopefully not put people off reading. Anybody with advice? Let me know! I feel like giving a random selection of images to mark the turning of the seasons so I’ll see what 2018/2019 gave us? Enjoy 😉


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