Checking our pH levels?

A garden centre was visited and seemingly random and fairly cheap purchases were made. I was bought a pH meter and for £7.99 lots of fun was had wandering round the garden. As I suspected beds varied a lot! From highly acidic to virtually neutral. Hey no alkali but we don’t have rhododendrons? I think I remember that correctly.

Not sure which is which now…
Almost alkali in the newest bed?
New grasses!

But I’ve also been weeding as certain areas were in need. Hubby thought I was going to weed the raised beds but no I wanted to tackle the grasses growing mad in the triangle bed and the apple tree bed. I collected some more windfalls too and slipped them into the brown bin. I am not making lots with the mad quantities of apples we seem to have this year. Probably missing a trick. The juicer needs more use I think.

We actually visited two garden centres today, the second being where we can buy cheap pet foods as well as random plants. And I bought some grasses; well, the tree palms were a bit over budget at £150. But I am keen to structure a bit more of the garden using repeating plants, so I bought two types of grasses to border the brick path to the greenhouse. We will pick up pea gravel tomorrow so that might also make the path stay weedfree if we use it between the bricks I’ve moved around. As well as weeding I move things around, a lot.

Lots reflowering, this clematis normally comes out in May. Don’t focus on the weeds below…

And some of the paviors in the back are getting moved round the front! And the front is full of spiky froths from the bush by the drive. I really wonder about the things that keep popping up all over. Are they really part of the plan? No! I’m struggling with all the things I cannot fit in the green bin or compost. I was well impressed with Monty Don’s compost bins on Gardeners World last night but such a structure is definitely sinking down the wish list now, as the home office slips into a likelihood as hubby’s working from home has been made permanent. So it’s not MY office…

Roughly laid out bricks to form a path…

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