The world by Zoom?

The more we are relying on Zoom the less we understand about each other? Certainly I don’t want to walk into an unsafe room unless I have to but all this remoteness is a bit weird.

Cosmos still flowering!
These berries are profuse, and show the benefit of pruning.

I do have some bulbs to plant but everywhere needs weeding and the bin is full. I’m not in a weeding mood now either, as I feel a bit yuck. But sitting out in the garden I can see things still flowering and it is thought we are going to have an Indian summer. Does that mean it will heat up again? I will try to get into the garden tomorrow and plant the bulbs. As I said, it needs a good weed still but I have to feel good to do more of that. Little and often I hear you say? Well there is a lot.

I’ll probably get out there and find something else distract me and I still haven’t chased up the plastic gloves, or collected the pea gravel or planted the bulbs. Masses of jobs and I’m tiring myself out just thinking about it. Or maybe that was my dental checkup stress? First appointment since lockdown and I didn’t do it by Zoom. I shouldn’t brag but my teeth were not too bad according to my dentist, as he’d seen a lot of patients with terrible buildups and decay, so brownie points to me! And I got a free filling to make up for the lengthy wait for reopening. Sucker for freebies!

This bed collapsed when we tried to move it so the heuchera needs repotting
These weeds are everywhere!

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