Pruning to eradicate…

I have said it frequently that there is lots to eliminate in our garden? Well I offered to take down unwanted bushes by the new shed site, and was pushed to clip the laurel by the gate instead. I want this gone so I attacked it with gusto. The garden collection happened earlier (a day late due to bank holiday) and I have filled the bin with laurel.

I think I have read that you can get skin irritations with laurel so it remains to be seen whether my itches get any worse? That is months now of itching on my arms, legs and torso. Electronic consultation with GP was not very clear. Blood tests they have done have ruled out possible causes apparently. MS nurse said it was unlikely my medication caused it, so we are back to topical causes. Change to washing powder, check, shampoo, check, body lotions well too many to work out a culprit. My nails are longer than they have ever been so scratching causes the skin to break…

Keeping busy stops it, and with hubby desperate to have a shed built before the winter set in (!) I have to get cracking with lots of garden jobs. I have to collect pea gravel for the slabs, go on a weed purge and reorganise the area where we started to eliminate the herb garden, as the shed is not going there now! I move things around a lot. There was a pile of chainsawed chestnut logs needing stacked for the fire. Done! A bit like how tidying inside the house becomes like Groundhog Day: as I clear a room, another needs doing…

This was the chain saw in action! Dried out timber goes in the woodburner. Will it last the winter.

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