So nice NO ONE saw the Rain!

I am beginning to wonder whether I live in Scotland? Flash rain falls keep happening when I put washing out to dry. And then there’s the happy tune our washing machine makes, is that to spur me on to hang out a fresh load to get rained on? Again my gardening has tailed off but the fallen apples have filled the garden waste bin again, and that gets collected on Thursday so can I fill it again before our holiday?

As usual we have an extra bag of garden waste…

Everyone seems to be copying us this year by holidaying in the UK. I hope this has helped the British economy as we all now knows it is defunct without tourists. I am tempted to put a Scottish Saltire on the car and take lots of plaid blankets so that no one knows we’ve driven up across the border, as I’ve also felt the ire of the Scottish First Minister in her prose against the likes of Bozo and Co, and I don’t want to feel I will antagonise any locals.

How many graveyards can a family visit?

Not sure whether I feel in holiday mood to be honest. I am applying for a few jobs at a time, but not getting a sniff. Possibly there are more employees out of furlough looking for something to get their teeth into and my gaps are too apparent. I’ve not stayed out of the workplace but the few jobs I’ve tried to take on haven’t really panned out. I could write a book but the logistics/creativity of that kind of task is still not bopping me over the head with a super fabulous idea. Always the editor I do find it easier to crit other people’s ideas…

Wonder whether we can use these in the next couple of days?

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