Breathing in Sea Air!

As I’ve alluded to before, I love being by the sea! And today we left our close environs, taking a 2 hours plus drive to the Norfolk Coast. This was decided on based by crunching local Covid numbers – took Essex coast out of the running – and we love Norfolk! We have made quite a few holidays in that area, and haven’t been in recent times.

Seals bobbing about

It was all very civilised and we saw seals! We packed a full lunch and treated ourselves to ice lollies. I felt slightly guilty using my radar key to avoid the queue for the loo, but having been told it was locked I felt rather smug that I could legitimately use the key to the toilet which was kept clean for people who legitimately need to use it. Disability doesn’t always show and it was obvious that if the door had a normal handle it would have been used.

I have also been taking a slightly stronger cbd tablet (I can take up to four a day apparently) and today I didn’t feel agitated and we managed a longer walk of the beach than I’ve done in weeks, so is it helping the fatigue? I’ve been wanting to beat the fatigue but not sure if it was down to the sea air entirely. Answers on a post card? Wish I was there!

Baby seals were seen!

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