Harvesting lots of apples!

The apples are abundant, but not quite fully grown. However I suggested moving the greenhouse to where it could potentially be bombarded by the Apple harvest, which this year is looking abundant. A few boughs were sawn off this afternoon and a full bucket and mixing bowl was filled with apples which though little can be juiced and made into chutney. I’ll have to scour recipes for the best sounding boil. Although I inherited one of my grannies hand scribed books, I think her bridge club ladies were given little cakes and delicacies draped with chocolate and glacé fruits, rather than homemade chutney.

Would this marrow go nicely into chutney?

We have to go to a carpark tomorrow to get my oldest seen by the school nurse. It should have happened in March but is now happening by appointment in the school car park. Welcome to the postCovid world? So my chutney making (or putting off the painting of the next section of the roof) is happening in the afternoon. I think I will also need to dig up some Rosemary, oregano and fennel over the next few weeks as well as continuing to weed copiously. So much to do! Just as well I am not working, much, now until I work out a new way to get paid, or find a mystery new job…

Shelving for greenhouses are all over the place…
As are the contents? I don’t like housework much, does it show?
This is growing on one of the trees needing chopped if we have a large work shed on the herb garden…

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