Getting a little bit of help…

On a local FB Group I spotted a post I couldn’t ignore? A local gardener was offering a freebie for some cuttings. I was more than able to offer cuttings and bulbs and more… I offered up rose cuttings and lilies and the buddleia has halved once more and bushes along the back fence don’t overhang the garden table.

Much neater…

I offered up the stripy rose and I think Sean went away with enough to propagate the pink and the stripy red and white roses at the back as well as the white ones in the middle. I have a book about propagating so I forwarded some info from the relevant pages.

My gardening exploits today may well have lit the bug again, and the garden will get a little more action! I can see the shed book is again being pored over by my hubby after we discussed rejigging his plan for the shed. I opened up the possibility of going back to the original plan of putting the shed where my herb garden was planted (as I can move those plants) and putting the greenhouse on the slab the little garden shed was on. This just means we could get one larger shed instead of two little ones, ie not becoming a five-shed household!

Local friends if you’re looking for a gardener: Sean Wilson Gardens is on Facebook!

Before clipping…
Sean using scary fence clippers… (scary to me)

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