Fatigue and it’s effects…

I’ve been working a lot for me, four mornings this week, and I am trying to find more regular work. I tried to not be tied to social media but we are in strange times, and I think I need to see what people are doing and hope for some break from this interminable despair caused by a government which has failed the country. I wish there was something that could happen to bring back some hope.

Still needing replanted…

My husband has taken down some of the flower bed and I now have to find a new home for the orange lilies which were being strangled with bindweed so it was needing to be dug out, if possible. The lilies could go under the apple tree? I could do with pulling out the grass weeds I’ve let grow indiscriminately. The last few weeks have not seen necessary jobs attempted…

I hadn’t been able to spend much time doing anything else than working and I am scared how much time drifts at the moment and I don’t have the same amount of energy to motivate myself. Last years garden job filled me with ideas and inspiration but the lockdown has set me back so significantly in the uncomfortably warm months earlier this year.

Flowers to come…

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