Seeds for next year…

I am going to sprinkle random seeds soon. It’s been true that something is causing my newly planted plants to be uprooted and I cannot be bothered with going round the garden at all hours to try and find out what will stop it. I don’t know what causes it but in isolation land, I discovered my gardening is not always helping my peace of mind if it gets too repetitive and I don’t necessarily have the energy for twice a day watering. I also don’t have the funds for gardening gadgets or watering systems I have seen friends install and post on Facebook.

Crocosmia (first flowers in a few years!)

Some things are doing very well in their homes but I have to say wet June helped and we’ve not had serious scorching like last year after my trip to Beth Chattos garden. Some of her drought resistant plants didn’t survive – black eyed daisies- but others have thrived – hot lips Salvia – and some of the plants I put in this year after finding stockists online, and reviving very dry plants after elongated postal sojourns.

Grass was needing cut!
This bed has a lot of orange lilies which I can only sit a distance away from. But the wall at the back of the bed will be dismantled to give the new shed room.

I have missed visiting gardens this year, having planned to get to more of my wishlist, but in addition, without getting more work which was also my plan, I am restricted to where we can all go as a family. Everybody has been restricted – kids not getting camps with cubs and scouts, and hubby working long uncomfortable hours in our unconverted shed – not to mention being unable to order sand and lime to lay our slabs. At some point, life will change for the better and I will be in a more focussed position than I have been in. Some National Trust places have reopened, which given the quantity of visitors who go, has to be a good sign? I’ve got a hair appointment, if I could remember when it is, and I told my hairdresser to watch out for my home bleached new look!

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