Getting angry doesn’t help!

I am not very patient these days. I made bacon butties this morning …. but there was loads of dirty dishes and nowhere clear for cooking. If anyone has some clues how to stop an irate response I’d love to hear it!

The garden has lots of jobs needing done and I’d love to organise a seating area or slabs by the double doors. Too much lawn in my opinion! I’ve been saying that for a long time but if laying out some rubble to show where I’d like to go to before I even get my garden drawn out is the way to go I’ll try it. However just doing that brought on dizzy spells… and so a rest made me realise the sun is too hot for me today?

I held onto the ladder while the elderly apple tree was pruned of some dead wood. Can I do a sculpture with the lopped bit? Not feeling inspired tbh… my fainting and the heat are conspiring and the tv watchers will say told you so if I head back inside? Bank holidays hmm… in isolation times? Give me the remote!

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