Happy Mother’s Day!

Strange times mean we have to make do. We have planted up the wheelbarrow with a combination of burgundy poppies, dark red hollyhocks, peach foxgloves and purple cornflowers. Great excitement to see what grows.

Gnarly apple tree is the view from the lounger I write this in😊

I hope the many mothers who are in isolation get to spend time digitally or otherwise with their families today. Many are far apart and many are in their own homes being safe. But we send our love to anyone in random places not really knowing whether they can get somewhere safe.

Youngest painted the bench.

Dad fixed new rollers on the greenhouse doors. The bench got a coat of purple paint. Oldest cut the grass and youngest cut some edges. As the first cut this year the battery didn’t last for it all. C’est la vie!

Orange tulips are budding under the apple tree.

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