Tiring old Saturday…

The gardening job hasn’t done me any harm. I can lift and shovel like the best of them. Three beds are filled, the third one needs maybe 2 more bags of topsoil but it is not bad. I can use that bed for lettuces and herbs this year until we can get some more later on in the year.

Oh how exciting!

3 filled beds…

So we went and got some topsoil and some compost and we have planted onions, garlic, radishes, spinach and some potatoes which had gone to seed in the cupboard. Now I am not sure these will produce anything as they have long sprouts – do they need to be cut off? We went to get some labels and pens (I actually wanted preprinted ones) and squeaks helped me write the labels.

Hosta: how soon will it attract slugs…

I’ve even relegated the wheelbarrow to a new spot filled with compost and I’m going to fill it with Californian poppies, a favourite of mine.

Wheelbarrow in progress…

I did some serious weeding on the gravel path and I spotted the newly planted hostas coming to life. Ooh new things…

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