Unprecedented Times…

This distancing thing is tricky. I have been out and picked up some random items which was to be a week‘s worth buying included a large bag of rice, lots of tins and toothpaste. That last was about to run out. I haven’t been close to people at any point that I could touch them, apart from in the little shop I bought the bag of rice. Which we had last night. See stocks aren’t that high of things when you buy ad hoc like we have been doing…

My daughter has to go to her school and clear her locker. I guess that means me driving and sitting in the car? But it may clash with the delivery of the topsoil if it happens today. My husband will have to stop work and open the gates, but at least the car won’t be in the way.

But it’s all a bit scary as I posted this fully written then added two visuals from a friend and it disappeared… so I went out and tidied some more of the garden and cleared the buddleia pruning. Hopefully the brown bins will still be collected? Those cuttings can be put to some biotech use I am sure.

Thanks Patricia!
My favourite colour and fluffy parrot tulips.
Primroses gone mad…
Magnolia taken on our last school walk.

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