Everything was a frosty shade this morning and I wanted to get out and do lots, but reality sunk in. I am not coping well with the latest antibiotics. Gee, so many things are better than ever – my balance is good, I’m walking again, my daytime energy levels are good but the light is still failing early and then everything feels like a struggle.

However, I did go out and tidy a bit. Little and often is going to be my aim. I’ve also got to see if I can plan a few things. At the back of my mind I’ve booked a trip to a garden show in a few months! Just need to find a confirmation!

I’ve also decided to go and see some more of my wish list gardens… I was watching the programme Monty Don has been presenting about American gardens and it’s reminded me of so many things I’ve been involved in. My big garden publishing project when I worked as an editor was The Garden Book, guest edited by Tim Richardson. Many of the gardens in the United States are featuring in Monty’s programme and it’s made me yearn for a trip to see more.

But I need to find a new income stream and make it happen. Despite initial January hiccups, I do still feel like 2020 can only get better. I can visit things close at hand and dream of getting to further away places. There are lots of modern gardens I really like and lots of pretty pink rose gardens that leave me cold. Beth Chatto last year was really inspirational, and it made me feel like I wasn’t weird to want to dig up our football pitch-sized grassy areas, front and back.

January needs to be about planning…

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