New Growth

It might be freezing out there but I spotted some new growth! Okay some of it is weeds but if you’ll bear with me, there are also signs of beauty to come. I spent a lot of money on bulbs and I think it’s paying off. I ran out mid-shower today and snapped a few shots and I think it can safely be said we are anticipating some glorious displays. I also think the vigilance of our squirrel-dog (border collie) kept the corm and bulb-munchers at bay!

Oh how exciting.

It also must be noted that there is the presence of my old nemesis, the dandelion, but as a new year resolution, I may be tempted to live and let live – or its too damned cold for weeding? Looking forward to a more pink, red, purple and blue spectrum in the plants that make it through the promised drought!

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