First Post of 2020!

I have a lot of optimism for 2020! To say 2019 was a disappointment is fudging it somewhat as I thought that I had found a new path only to have it stamped on with steel-toed boots, literally.

I also didn’t manage to last out my yoga sessions as finding the location in the dark exposed my driving limitations and I think that’s a known MS eye problem. I need to work out a new exercise regimen which I can fit into a work hunt/life and leave myself some energy for gardening…

Last years daffodils – We will see if my cultivation of the overcrowded daffodil areas has affected the usual array which we are blessed with each year. Yellow being the predominant colours in early spring.

January is a time for meditation, affirmations and contemplation and it has already filled with some days of paid work (in my diary!) and medical appointments (joys!) which will give me time for meditation on where I need to pursue goals and endeavours this year to enable continued further work in the garden. Boy, not sounding like a stuck record much! Those four sheds are getting more decrepit by the minute (pic shows a different one last year?) and I’m not sure they will all make it through a late snow storm which is being threatened this week…

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. That probably needs to be diarised? Otherwise it won’t get done, right?

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