One year In…

I transferred to this site a year ago. I haven’t redesigned the page much or used special features… but my resolutions are to change that! I want to visit a lot more places and try to do some videos! I love taking photos but that often misses the three dimensional aspects of garden spaces. I saw lots of private spaces last year but I wasn’t able to share them with you.

I chose Gardening with Limits as the title for my blog due to the practical limits of MS but honestly the limits I face are also financial: I have struggled to find a job due to my MS despite it being largely under control. People perceive that I will not be a good worker or something, or think that I do not need to be paid properly. I am registered disabled but I do not have a visible condition, and I have worked physically hard jobs in the garden company and only gave it up because of my November date for surgery.

Again the recovery from surgery has been slow, I have had an infection which kicked in before Christmas and I pick up antibiotics tomorrow. The doctor phoned me when we were en route from Scotland and said I needed antibiotics. I was impressed that it was picked up that I hadn’t called for my results and it was important enough that the doctor phoned me to see how I was?

So job for tomorrow and if I feel up to it I might go out and make a list of garden and house jobs to attack this year; inside and out! We tidied our bedroom today to try and clear some of the piles of stuff that were building up. Car troubles again had held up some of the things I couldn’t do on my own but the kids were impressed with what we managed today! Onwards and upwards!

Beaches are favourite walking locations for most of my life.

The Howff is an old cemetery in Dundee.

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