Half term blues!

The pumpkin based on Tortoru, a Japanese anime character.

I am debating what I can do today! I am actually in pain and have been wobbling out of the blue. Halloween saw me out with an 8 year old witch after 3 busy work days…

My cognitive difficulties are through the roof and physically my back aches quite chronically. I had a great yoga class on Wednesday and thought I’d turned a corner. The last time lying on my back too long made me vomit but not this week as my teacher gave me some alternate poses. I woke yesterday feeling better but a busy busy day may have done for me. It’s not good if my working day causes me to end up with back spasms. Dilemmas, but maybe it’s part of my new journey.

I love that I have a new focus and there are still options, not least that we are still on holiday, maybe the ice cream parlour needs a visit! Next year we may grow our own pumpkin!

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